5 Reasons Why This Yoga Teacher Training is For You

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So you are considering training yourself as a yoga teacher or obtaining a 200-hour certification and would like to learn more. Here are 7 reasons why this Yoga Teacher Training is for you:

1. You Are Ready to Teach on Day 1

First, you will be ready to teach a yoga class on the very first day. All Navyoga yoga teacher training graduates indicated that they are ready to teach. We train people to teach, and they start teaching before the end of the program.

If you are trying to clarify your life goals and want to help others, Navyoga’s yoga teacher training is your best choice. Navyoga has created one of the most transformative and transformative yoga teacher training. We bring it to your home through an online yoga teacher training experience.

This immersion in yoga is the real deal. We have room for transformation. You will be able to explore the best version of yourself while aligning yourself with your life goals. More, you will be able to return to the world and spread it.

2. You Will be Trained by Yoga Teacher Naveen Kolli

He is the founder and director of Navyoga. Naveen made several pilgrimages to the Himalayas to learn about Vedic traditions. He studied the path of Hatha Yoga. In addition, he studied closely with many spiritual teachers during his walks.

His experience of leading workshops around the world inspired him to open a retreat in Hyderabad and cultivate an intimate yoga community, so Navyoga was born. You have been taught Himalayan traditions for a long time in India.

Naveen also has a solid background in yoga therapy and brings healing elements when appropriate. He is the founder of Navyoga. As a teacher, Yogi Naveen’s ultimate goal is to provide people with a space where they can fully realize their unlimited potential.

3. Live Training and Good Pace

Much available yoga teacher training provides limited time, with only one teacher or no teacher. But at the Navyoga training period, you will get a lot of Naveen’s time.

He will take time to answer your questions and will often work overtime if necessary. This training is also carefully designed, so you can do it at your own pace. You can take your time or go as you like. Learning has been established for you to absorb and pass on in the future.

4. Full Immersive Experience

The power of yoga training is accompanied by an immersive experience. In this dive, you will be completely immersed in the teachings.

Sometimes too much training focuses on giving you samples of tastings or different methods, and students who try this method will taste a lot but don’t understand anything. They know nothing about doctrine.

Naveen skillfully saturates students in teaching. He did this to allow the students to leave and fully understand the tradition and what they are passing on.

5. This Will Improve Your Yoga Practice

You will improve your yoga practice! Here’s the thing: most people want to do better in yoga, but they don’t have time. Until they participate in yoga teacher training courses.

It is also one of the best aspects of this yoga. The training is to give you the opportunity to understand the power of yoga poses. In this yoga class, immersing yourself in it for a long time will make your mind sharper. You will become more sensitive to your body.

Because of this sensitivity, you will have a better understanding of life and the world in which you live.

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