6 Ways to Prepare for Yoga Teacher Training

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Most students who started their first yoga teacher training have been practicing for at least a few years. However, they may not realize that besides regular yoga practice, there are many other things that can help you prepare for the “YTT” experience.

If you want to participate in Yoga Teacher Training, please continue reading ten steps to make you confident and ready to help you get the most out of the training.

1. Visit your training center in advance

If you feel nervous or anxious, or even purely curious, please ask your YTT acharya if you can visit before you start. If they are currently running another YTT session, you may be observing one of the courses. This will give you the opportunity to see your surroundings with your own eyes. By knowing what will happen, you will feel less anxious.

2. Have a discussion with other YTT students

Identify the people who have recently completed the YTT program and contact them. It will be invaluable that someone can answer your questions during your YTT process. I am lucky to have a good friend who completed the YTT course a few years ago and she gave me a lot of support and encouragement during the training.

Each course is different, and the acharya and trainer can come and go, so talking to recent graduates will provide you with specific information to help you determine whether a course is right for you.

3. Books are a good friend

Most students who start yoga teacher training are familiar with asanas, which are the physical aspects of yoga. However, your training will cover many other aspects of this ancient practice, such as pranayama (breathing) and yamas and niyamas (ethics and compliance).

Expand your perspective on yoga by taking the time to learn some yoga philosophy in advance. Many pieces of training use “Yoga Sutra” and “Bhagavad Gita” as the classic foundation, each with multiple translations.

4. Time Management is important

In addition to participating in teacher training courses, in addition to completing the teaching practice, you may also need to learn various texts and practice asanas outside of class. In short, you will be very busy.

Consider investing in daily planners and plan meeting dates and requirements, as well as personal and family commitments.

Having a clear schedule plan will help you stay on track, complete all requirements and graduate on time.

5. Start Taking Notes

Many YTT plans require ‘Note-taking’ as part of the plan. Even if you don’t, consider starting a yoga diary to help you deal with your journey. Take a few minutes each day to write down your yoga practice or jot down any problems that arise.

You will be surprised by the information developed throughout the teacher training experience. Writing things down allows you to process your feelings about this very important experience, and it will also provide you with a deep and meaningful memory of that experience.

6. Have trails classes before finalizing a YTT course

There is no substitute for experience. In the weeks and months before the yoga teacher training, spend time with various teachers in person or virtual practice. Not only will you diversify your personal practice, but you will also begin to develop your teaching instincts.

For example, observe how teachers manage their courses, listen to signals of their choice, and observe their use of topics.

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