About Navyoga.

Welcome To Navyoga Yoga Studio & Academy

We infuse our yoga classes and teacher training with quality, integrity, and a sense of magic. Our highly trained, passionate teachers make yoga accessible to everyone and offer a practice that can be applied on and off the mat.

Our founders were all serious and highly accomplished yoga practitioners who wanted to share the gifts they learned from their own wise teachers. When they opened our first studio in Kukatpally, they gathered many styles of yoga under one roof, which attracted the best teachers in Hyderabad.

Navyoga Yoga Practitioner doing Yoga-Mudra

Navyoga Yoga Studio is very different compared to other yoga institutes. Navyoga yoga student doing a yoga pose

Why Navyoga is Different

Although we embrace diverse yoga styles, each of our classes shares a common theme—excellence in teaching that has upheld Navyoga as the gold standard of yoga studios.

The majority of our teachers have completed a minimum of 300 hours of Yoga Alliance approved curriculum, and many of our senior teachers have honed their craft for at least 10 years. We place a strong emphasis on thoughtful sequencing and always offer modifications so you can customize your practice along the way.

What Navyoga Yoga Studio Has To Offer

Navyoga yoga studio offers exceptional yoga services and here is the latest on the list

Navyoga Has Talented And Dedicated Yoga Teachers

All of our instructors are certified, experienced, and exceptionally well trained – when you take a class with us, you will receive skilled instruction, including the individual attention necessary to help you practice safely so you receive the maximum benefit from your practice.

Along with our regular teaching staff, we often have visiting guest teachers who teach at our studios. We offer mentors, teachers to studio owners who come to study with us from around the world.

Navyoga Yoga Teacher doing meditation