Tips on Finding a Good Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Standards for Yoga Teacher Training

Nowadays, it is very easy to find a yoga class. At least in most metropolitan areas, you can hardly walk to a block and find a studio by accident, but how do you find a good teacher? Of course, since your idea of ​​what is a good teacher may be different from others, this search is complicated, but there are some steps you can take to try to narrow the field:

1. Check Qualification

You don’t have to go to your teacher and ask to see their RYT, but make sure he or she has completed at least 200 hours of the Yoga Alliance registered teacher training program. The RYT system may not be perfect, but it is our best indicator of the minimum acceptable amount of training.

Most studies have a large number of teacher biographies on their website and may contain links to teacher websites where they can learn more about their training.

If you are taking a yoga class in a gym or YMCA, it is best to ask someone in the office about the qualifications of their yoga teacher. This is also a good way to let your gym know that your teacher training is important to you. Find a teacher who has been doing this for years instead of weeks.

2. Ask Friends, on Quora or Social Media

Almost everyone has a friend who is going to yoga classes these days? Now is your chance to take advantage of that person. I consider myself one of those annoying yoga practitioners, and I like to match up with my novice yoga friends and my favorite teachers.

This is also a good time to use these social media connections. Post on Facebook or Twitter to watch people get out of trouble and recommend their favorite courses. You can also ask on quora and there will be some good responses from awesome people who are willing to help others.

3. Check You Local Area and Shop Around

Well, I hope you have some names of teachers or yoga studios your friends like. Go there now to try all. The relationship between you and your teacher is very important. You have to trust them, but also know that they believe you will make the best decision for your body.

You have to like them, accept their style, enjoy their existence, and recognize their humor. These can be hard to find qualities, so if you don’t like the first teacher you try, don’t despair. Keep looking, and things will come naturally.

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