How To Teach Yoga To Beginners | 6 Tips to Learn

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Teaching a beginner yoga sequence may seem simple at first (I know, I know, this is that everyone who has actually taught and taught a beginner yoga course will use “Ha!” or “Yes!” I worry, It’s the beginning.) It is for this reason that new yoga teachers often take elementary classes. Because beginner = “easy”, right? If you are a teacher, there are not so much

.I think this may be because I realize that I am more and more interested in learning more and more about how to better serve beginners. In the spirit of wanting to yell on the roof, this is really helpful and enlightening for me. Here are the six most useful tips I have learned so far to create safe and fascinating start Scholar courses.

Keep The Process Simple

Although it is important to lay the foundation for safe and healthy alignment, you don’t want to give new students too many tips and improvements, so as not to overwhelm or confuse them. After all, our working memory is limited; when you learn a new skill, you can deal with many things at the same time.

Information overload can be stressful, frustrating, and confusing. If you bombard them too much at the same time, your students may feel that they are just “not learning” or “not good at” yoga, when in fact they are at a loss.

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