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Kids Yoga Classes in Hyderabad at Navyoga

Learn how our kids yoga classes combine simple yoga poses suitable for children with creative stories that help the body and mind grow. Through creative interpretation, your child learns while acting the story. Our curriculum incorporates yoga, literacy, cultural education, and environmental awareness.

The benefits of yoga for kids are not just simple exercise. Children’s yoga classes demonstrate these postures, which help children develop an awareness of their bodies and exercise patterns. This improves motor skills and provides them with channels for self-expression. Children who can express themselves tend to have less neurasthenia.

Navyoga Kids yoga classes

Best in Class Kids Yoga Sessions

Interesting and inspiring yoga lessons develop children’s natural desire for knowledge. In this imaginative series, we combine simple yoga poses with fascinating yoga exercises, puppets, and stories to exercise social, sensory, and motor skills while increasing flexibility.

This interesting yoga course encourages the development of self-expression and social skills. When children learn to concentrate through breathing and relaxation techniques, their bodies will be strengthened. Children sing, draw and play yoga in this energy release class. We will practice basic and challenging postures, partner and group postures, play fun yoga games and mindfulness activities, breathing exercises, and more.

The course ends in relaxation time. Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children will learn to use various breathing and visualization techniques to concentrate. They will also learn to respect themselves and others by practicing fun and challenging postures, partner and group poses, a lot of yoga, breathing, and basic anatomy games.

How can I Join My Kids To Yoga Classes?

Well, Joining a Kids Yoga class at Navyoga is easy. You can either fill the quote form below or give us a call at the below-mentioned number. Finally, you can purchase the program if you have already decided and want to join the Navyoga yoga classes offline or online. One subscription opens windows for both online yoga classes and studio classes. We accept all types of card, UPI payments online.

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Special Highlights of Our Kids Yoga Classes!

  • Navyoga Classes encourage kids to better eating habits
  • Yoga Classes are designed to increase concentration
  • Increase self-confidence
  • They are physically and mentally strong
  • The immune system becomes robust
  • Yoga classes teach them emotional controls

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Why You Need a Yoga Instructor for Your Kid?

As it is said by our sages, Yoga is not just a body posture. It is a complete science. A Science of breathing (Prana) is deeply associated with different postures. How and when to inhale, hold, and exhale can be taught by a Yoga teacher only.

Also out of excitement, your child may try complex yoga asanas directly, which is never recommended. Although kids have flexible bones, chances of injuries are always there.

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