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When you are new to yoga, it may be difficult to know where to start. Don’t worry, we at Navyoga like yoga beginners, and provide various styles of yoga courses, these courses are your first step. Read more about our recommended courses for beginners and learn how to prepare for your first class.

Start subscriptions with the best yoga teachers and unlock tons of yoga benefits and privileges such as visitor passes, retail discounts, Navyoga Live access, and more! Not ready to join as a member? Don’t worry, whether you want to increase your practice through unlimited yoga or a single walk-in class, we have designed flexible options for every yogi.

Navyoga Yoga Teacher Training in Hyderabad

Best in Class Yoga Sessions

Modern life is fast enough and your yoga may not necessarily be. Thoughtful and controlled exercise can balance energy. The pace of the Navyoga yoga course is slow, so there is time to modify each posture to better suit your body.

These very easy-to-learn yoga courses are ideal for anyone who wants to practice mindfulness and conscious exercises with some support, from the elderly to pregnant women to world-class athletes. Sometimes we all need to relax, so be brave and kind. Your body will thank you.

How can I Join Yoga Classes?

Well, Joining a Yoga class at Navyoga is easy. You can either fill the quote form below or give us a call at the below-mentioned number. Finally, you can purchase the program if you have already decided and want to join the Navyoga yoga classes offline or online. One subscription opens windows for both online yoga classes and studio classes. We accept all types of card, UPI payments online.

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Special Highlights of Our Yoga Classes!

  • Experienced Yoga Gurus
  • Flexible Timings for yoga classes
  • True Ancient Knowledge on Yoga
  • Flexibility to Join Online and Offline the same class
  • Beautiful and Feature Rich Studio
  • 5 Star Rated Yoga Academy on Google

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How Our Yoga Training is The Best Program?

Each of our yoga classes has a specific focus and produces specific physical benefits. Whether you are looking for strength and agility, flexibility and balance, or inner peace, we have a yoga class for you.

A yoga course that introduces the basics of yoga, combining simple postures, movements, and breathing exercises. The slow-paced steering allows careful attention to the details and alignment of each posture.

This yoga program is suitable for beginners or advanced practitioners who are looking for more challenges than light courses. Each pose provides modifications and multiple options to support practitioners of different levels. Relaxation and calming course, including breathing, fluency, smooth movements, and basic balance postures. When you learn how to feel yourself through practice, relax and adapt.

What People Has To Say About Navyoga Yoga Classes

Wonderful Yoga Experience

It’s a different and wonderful experience in NavYoga. Feels peaceful after the session. the session is neither boring nor so intense. It is just right for me. The way he motivates, guides people in the right way is outstanding.
Pravallika Manikonda
Navyoga Yoga Student

Best Yoga Classes So far!

NavYoga Academy led by Naveen sir is so far the best yoga class I’ve joined. Early morning sun salutations, asanas, pranayama, and meditation are perfectly scheduled every day to make our day more worthwhile than it ever could be!
Srushti Ramteke
Navyoga Yoga Student

A powerhouse of Knowledge

I started learning yoga and after a lot of research
started my learning from the Navyoga academy. Naveen is an excellent yoga trainer and very knowledgeable about Yoga and spiritual practices.
Janakirama Murthy Gattupalli
Navyoga Yoga Student

Awesome Healing Yoga Classes

I am grateful to be a part of Navyoga. I will tell you my story. I have had severe left shoulder pain for the last 6 months. I had an inner knowing that yoga heals everything. So I joined Navyoga and started doing yoga regularly.
Sathya Vani
Navyoga Yoga Student
Navyoga yoga teacher training program for eight weeks

Join a Yoga Class and Deepen Your Yoga Practice

If you have no experience in practicing yoga, then you may be more suitable for a beginner yoga class, which will teach you all the basics, including breathing techniques, postures, and balance, and introduce you to some basic yoga postures. There are many beginner yoga classes to choose from, so find one that you feel comfortable with.

If you have practiced yoga for a while (more than 10 weeks) and feel that you understand the basics of yoga, including breathing techniques, postures, and balance, you may want to join an intermediate class. This will give you the opportunity to be surrounded by people with similar experiences and skills, and provide you with more challenging yoga exercise routines.

Some Helpful Tips For Yoga classes

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of a single monthly yoga class subscription Navyoga studio is ₹2500. Yoga classes are mainly conducted in groups, and the price of each class depends on your subscription levels. Navyoga offers monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly subscription models. You can find some awesome discounts and offer especially in yearly yoga subscriptions if you contact Navyoga and ask for it.

On average, a yoga class lasts 60 minutes. Navyoga instructors say that 60 minutes is only the time required to complete all the sacred yoga asanas, and this 60-minute course is quickly gaining popularity among students.

For those who are already quite active, it is recommended to do yoga at least once or twice a week. For experienced practitioners, it is not uncommon to do yoga every day. However, consider taking a day or two of rest. Even if you only do one hour a week, you will experience the benefits of the practice.

You can improve many beginner yoga poses and sequences in your first yoga class. On a more spiritual level, it can take a lifetime to find the union between mind, body, and spirit. You should expect to practice regularly for about six months before you can be confident that you can perform basic postures consistently and to a certain extent.

Navyoga is one of Hyderabad’s most life-changing and transformative yoga class studios and academies! Each yoga sequence is carefully crafted by Yogi Naveen, a world-renowned yoga master. In your experience, you will be guided to embark on a journey of self-exploration, manifestation, and purposeful life practice.

As a yoga practitioner, you will not only lay a solid foundation for the success of your yoga exploration but also build a deeper relationship with yourself.

Who is Naveen Kolli? Yogi Naveen is the owner, operator, and director of Navyoga. During his 20 years of study, Yogi Naveen has an inner understanding of yoga philosophy, anatomy, and subtle bodies. Throughout the journey, Naveen made several pilgrimages to the Himalayas, where he sought a deeper understanding of Vedic traditions and yogic paths.

These experiences gave him the opportunity to mentor various spiritual teachers and inspire him to create a yoga community in Hyderabad.

As the international certification organization of the yoga community, Yoga Alliance® provides a set of education standards for yoga schools, stipulating time or learning in the education category. Navyoga’s teachers are RYT 200, RYT 300, and RYT 500 certified yoga teachers.

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